Why Is Lima On Everyone's Lips? International Traveller Magazine

very nice article written by Tatyana Leonov for International Traveller Magazine

"The world has fallen in love with Peruvian food. Black, yellow and red corn, more than 3,000 types of different potatoes in all shapes and sizes, quinoa, kiwichas, cañihua, aji, fresh-caught fish turned ceviche. Tatyana Leonov eats her way through Limato find out why."
"...With all this excitement about the restaurants it’s natural that culinary tours would boom.
For Brisa Deneumostier it’s a way of life. “Cooking, eating, travelling and living is integrated – it’s holistic. So with the tours I run I introduce travellers to Peru’s gastronomic scenery. It starts with getting in touch with the land,” she explains. Her Brisa Culinaria tours include a visit to a biodynamic farm just south of Lima in the Pachacamac Valley, harvesting from an organic vegetable garden, visiting a potter – and of course indulging..."

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And here and interview for Travel World 

To kick off a month-long agritourism theme on The Travel Word, we bring you an interview of chef Brisa Deneumostier by Sara Linares of Responsible Travel Peru in Lima, Peru. Her philosophies of mindful cooking and conscientious eating connect Lima’s thriving gastronomy scene to a growing sustainable agriculture movement.

Culinary  and Wellness Experiences Peru

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